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Heating Controls

There are so many heating controls out there now, from the basic clock and room stat offering a basic yet cost effient way of controling your houses heating needs with out it turning into a sauna to the smart controls allowing you to check your house temprature why your at the other side of the world.


TRV's are a great additional way of personalizing a room making it so when a room warms to temperature this little valve can then turn off that radiator and bring it on again as the room cools (in conjunction with the heating controls).


Great for bedrooms, cooking and living areas the TRV stops you from becoming uncomfortable without asking you to do anything and should always be seen as a smart choice when added to the areas of the house we may not need it quite so warm.

Clock control

You know what you get with the basic time control. on/off 2/3 times per day which for a lot of people is all they require and all they want

Room stat

Room stats, normally found turned up to max and left alone. These are an amazing feature when used! You’re clock brings on the heating then this little guy keeps your house from getting unbearable and can save you a few pounds as well, just by being set to a comfortable level.

Programmable room stat

Programmable room stats are a amazing piece of technology allowing you to have around 6 different temperatures through the day some allowing all six to be different every day.

Which means you can program it to take the chill off in the morning why you get ready for work then heat up a little warmer for the kids before they go to school and then come on again as they arrive home from school but still warm up later for family time and you won’t have lifted a finger.

Smart Controls

Smart Controls are here!


You can turn on your hot water why on the bus; turn off your heating from the other side of the world, how about check if there’s movement in your living room with a camera that connects to your phone?!


The options are yours!

Carbon Monoxide detectors that contact your phone, turn on a light in your lounge if your running late from work? Why not!

You have the option

There are controls that learn your route or controls that have proximity detection so as you come near to home they come on!


Have you ever sat at home on a cold day and thought to yourself as my Mum and Dad got there heating on? Or wonder if their warm enough? With some of the new heating controls you don’t need to ask them check the temperature of their home on your phone, tablet or computer and if it’s not warm enough just turn it up! 

You have the option of controlling each radiator around your home from your phone via one controller; it's another way of you saving money with these new amazing pieces of hardware.

All these things may not be available with each piece of hardware

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